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Friday, August 17, 2007

Mission Statement

I want to work hard, gain knowledge, inform people, and have my voice heard. Since graduating with a BS in computer science in December '02 I have had seven jobs and have only stayed at one longer than six months: poker player (year and a half). I went through a six week .NET bootcamp curriculum at the end of '03 and got the highest level of certification for a .NET programmer (MCAD/MCSD) a few weeks later. As far as I'm concerned, all of this is an aggregate sunk cost. I certainly learned about the world and myself from these experiences, but I don't plan to build upon this jagged path; I am bidding it farewell and charting a new course. Maybe I could change the world within the corporate business environment if I'd just ease up on my convictions for five minutes, but that's never going to happen. I just busted my ass for the last year at two separate jobs getting myself out of debt and building enough savings so that I can earn a living my own way. If the content I put up on this blog is consistently worthwhile, I will gain an audience and be able to pay my bills via the page ads. I will attempt to accomplish this end until I succeed or all of my money is gone. And if the latter should happen, I will go out and get another job, save up, and get right back at making my own way again. I'll repeat this as many times as necessary until I succeed...or die. I hope that you have found or will find incitement and/or useful information on this blog. Thank you for reading.