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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Why is the most important question, as it always should be. I obviously love many different types of music...but so do a lot of other people, so what drove me to do this? Making this list is something I've wanted to do for many years. I started ranking my favorite bands in my head when I was around 11, and I have never stopped. I loved the firecracker 500 (top songs of all time) countdown 102.7 WNEW used to do on July 4th weekend, and I wanted to make a list of my favorite songs just like that. So I ranked bands and wanted to rank songs...now how the fuck did I end up making a list of my top 100 albums given that information? It wasn't until about 5 years ago that I really started building an album collection. Before that I had maybe 100 CDs, a bunch of which were really my dad's that I've just taken. Once I got a computer with a decent harddrive (20GB and shortly thereafter 120GB) I started sharting music like crazy with my high speed internet connection at college, and then my home broadband connection. I very quickly amassed an album collection over 1K (yes I mean one kilobyte). My interest in ranking songs and bands when I was younger came from the fact that that is largely what my musical exposure was: I listened to the radio. I'd say when I was younger that between Spots Radio 66 WFAN and WNEW/K-Rock/Q-104.3 I listened to the radio more than watched tv. The radio and my dad got me into basically all the music that I listened to (except Metallica) until I got to college. I got CDs back in the day from my favorite bands from BMG Music Service where they had deals like 7 CDs for the price of one. But once I listened to so many albums in such a short time, I was able to judge a ton of bands based on their albums instead of just their hit singles. In time, listening to albums has become the only way for me to listen to music. I listen to individual songs on a band's myspace or purevolume just to see what they're about and if it's worth checking out an album. The true decision on a band is not made until I hear an album. If your album is not good, I won't listen to you. I organized my music into 2 sections: full albums and miscellaneous songs. As both folders grew, the full albums folder completely dominated my attention. The Misc folder turned into a storing ground for songs from local bands or rare tracks from bands I was a big fan of that were tracks found on singles, b-sides, and soundtracks instead of their full albums. Now that I only listened to full albums and never listened to the radio anymore because I had the internet, it was only natural that I would start ranking albums as I had done with bands and to an extent with songs for many years. I also must give a shitload of credit to Danny who shares my enthusiasm for music as well as my extent of musical knowledge. The momentum of our friendship has certainly been steered by the mutual love for music and our countless discussions about countless albums. And I cannot be fair without mentioning ITunes. I loved Winamp for many years, but once I started using ITunes last year I immediately saw potential for ranking albums. Yes Winamp does have an organizational component to it (which is very good I've used it on PCs at a couple of jobs), but ITunes puts it right in front of your face immediately. It gives you no choice but to be organized...and for someone like me, VERY organized. As a matter of fact, I started working on this list only a couple of weeks after I started using ITunes. So in a nutshell, if this has been excessively longwinded, I made this list because: I love music -> I have a ton of albums -> I enjoy discussing, analyzing, and (sadly) organizing these albums -> I like to make lists. So naturally these factors led to writing a list of my top 100 albums of all-time. Even more than being done with the list, I'm looking forward to updating it with new albums that I fall in love with so that I can inform more people about it and spread the music as well as keeping a chronicle for myself of the point in my life this particular great music entered.