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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Am I Crazy

I must be crazy to not have [insert album and/or band here] on my list of top 100 albums. The reason [X] is not on the list is because I've either never heard it, or I have and it's not one of my 100 favorite albums. If I haven't heard it, then I would like to because I am constantly looking for my new favorite album. One of the major reasons for making this list was to get it out there to the world of music enthusiasts and have them send me their thoughts on my favorites as well as their own suggestions. So if you think there is an album that should be on this list, leave a comment about it on the 100 albums blog or on this post and I'll check it out and respond to it. I'm hoping to get a bunch of suggestions that end up making my list. Here are some I expect to catch grief on, or already have: The Beatles: I've listened to most of their albums at least once. None has ever caught me as a great album that I needed to listen to over and over. I appreciate their place in music history and what their arrival on the scene did for the progression of rock music into the mainstream, but I'm just not a huge fan. The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden (from Matt): Before I started making the list I thought this album was going to be on it. Invaders and The Prisoner are why this album doesn't make the cut. I really don't like Invaders at all; it's extremely cheesy. The Prisoner is a good song for the most part, except I don't like the chorus which kills it for me. Those 2 songs combined are almost 10 minutes, and on a 40 minute album take up 25%. The other 75% of the album is just not great enough to make up for it. If you want to argue that if I put Atom Heart Mother on the list then Number of the Beast should be on it as well, I can't really argue much except to say that 23 minutes of Atom Heart Mother gives me at least 100X the enjoyment than Number of the Beast provides. Make no mistake, other than the 2 songs I mentioned I think this is a great album, particularly Children of the Damned, Run to the Hills, and Hallowed be Thy Name. Mudvayne (All Albums) (from Christina): "The End of All Things to Come" and "Lost and Found" both got serious consideration; I like both of those albums a lot. Here's why neither made the list... "The End of All Things to Come" is full of goodness, but doesn't have that much greatness. Not Falling is great, and (Per)version of a Truth and World So Cold own the world, but those are the only great songs on the album. There aren't any songs I don't like on the album, but everything other than the 3 I mentioned range from good to very good, and that's just not enough to get it in the top 100. The explanation for "Lost and Found" is basically the same as TEOATTC. Happy?, Fall Into Sleep, and Forget to Remember are all great songs and the rest of Lost and Found ranges from good to very good. L.D. 50 got consideration as well, but I don't know it as well as the other two albums so I'd have to listen to it right now to give full analysis. Take my word for it that I analyzed it during the production of this list and determined it wasn't a top 100 album.


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